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September 29 - 30, 2017

Agnes or “Agnes Of God”  is a physiological drama about Agnes, a young nun who is not worldly-wise because of her upbringing. When found under dire circumstances, she has to go through sessions, by order of the court, with a psychiatrist to figure out if she is genuinely an innocent girl or a smart woman trying to get away with her misdeeds. 
Writer: John Pielmeier
Director: Sabiha Majgaonkar
Assistant Director: Somiya Mehta
Cast: Dr. Livingstone - Alia Saleh, Mother Miriam - Hazel Lesley, Agnes - Nadine Dessa
Production Team: Nourah Almaiman, Monica Chatterjee 

Photography by Anelina Verghese

Trailers by Sikendar Hemani



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