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July 19, 2019

An evening of two plays by Cerise de Gelder

Director: Sabiha Majgaonkar
Pranav Nasta, Nourah Almaiman

Trailers by Abbas Daruwala


A story of an artwork that travelled through the centuries to arrive at the present day, taking along with it the essence of those who made it, owned it, held it or were part of it in some way. An artwork deemed to fail and be forgotten over time. But it wasn't forgotten. And now a new piece has emerged and the cycle is being repeated yet again.

Cast: Dharam Veer Sood, Aaqeel Sharif, Angelina Verghese, Arzoo Malhotra, John Buck. Hazel Lesley, Roman Pervak. Ahmed Syed, Apoorva Mehra, Edwige Narby

Five people on a Promontory. One dead body. None of them know how to handle it. The body was one of theirs after-all. When alive the dead person has affected them all in different ways and with the death all the skeletons are tumbling out of their closets.

Cast: Amit Ghosh, Dee Gee, Aditi Nath, Sonal Bhatnagar, Pranav Nasta



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